The container in the cabin

Plane which flight seen by cabin, at night

Choose a container for the cabin

You are determined and ready to go on holiday with your companion! For transport, you have choosen the aircraft, and your little animal will be able to travel in the cabin. However, there are a few general rules to follow for the cabin cage. Indeed, IATA, the international air transport organization gives some advice to passengers, for the comfort of the animal. In addition, you also need to think about possible transfers, and the chosen company.

IATA approval

The container of the cage in the cabin, unlike the cage in the hold, is not required to be IATA certified.

Rigid or soft?

Indeed, the container with which your pet will travel can be soft or rigid. However, companies often recommend flexible containers, which allow for a slightly larger size. Beware, however, that some companies prohibit soft containers, while others ban rigid containers. Therefore, the conditions of each company must be monitored.


The size varies between airlines, which are free to impose their own standards. However, be sure to respect these dimensions, since they correspond to the space below the seat placed in front of you, and therefore to the place where the animal will be placed. Be aware that in case of non-compliance, the airline may refuse the animal on board, or request the placement of the animal in the hold. Finally, the animal must be able to get up, turn and lie down easily.

Water and food

It is recommended to bring food for your pet in your carry-on bag so that you can feed them in case of a delay. Containers for food and water must be equipped with an anti-reversal system. However, it is often forbidden to feed and water your pet during the flight.

The information to be indicated

It is important to put a label with your name and surname, flight number, contact information, and information about your pet. This will make it easy to find you in the event of a loss.

Finally, remember that this is only general rules, so it is important to read the company’s rules, which may differ from those presented above.



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