The basics: Take your pet on vacation

Chien sur un canoë

Before taking your pet on vacation, it is essential to know certain information! Indeed, taking your animal should to be taken into account in the preparation of the trip.

Belongings preparation

Your pet is like you, preparing things for him is essential. Whether it’s food, or his favorite toys, think about all the things he / she needs Your pet is like you, preparing belongings for him is essential. Whether it’s food, or his favorite toys, think about all the things he / she needs to feel at home! However, depending on the animal, these different needs, which is why we have prepared a list of things to take on a trip with your cat, your dog, or your exotic pet.

The choice of location

Some destinations may be much more suited to the arrival of animals than others! Indeed, depending on where you want to go, activities, accommodation, or restaurants may be more inclined to accept or not your animal. In addition, some cities offer facilities dedicated to our little pets. This will therefore facilitate the trip.

The choice of accommodation and transport

First, the choice of accommodation first is crucial, since not all accommodation are pet-friendly. It is therefore necessary to ensure that animals are accepted, and which price it generates. In addition, it is important that the animal feel good and be safe, especially if you have to leave him alone in the accommodation at times. This is why it is better if it is not too small if the animal is for example a cat or a dog, so that it can have enough space (but also so that the cat litter is not stuck near the bed !). Transport must also be adapted according to the means borrowed. Indeed, not all transport companies accept animals, and a reservation is often required. If the car is preferred, the temperature must be adapted, and regular breaks must be taken.

Preparation for departure

You need to get ready to go with your animal! Indeed, a visit to the veterinarian is often necessary, and depending on the country of destination, different rules apply. It is therefore necessary to inquire, and to ensure that the animal is fit to travel. In addition, you must bring the necessary documents, and a first aid kit.

The well-being of your animal

Depending on the species and breed of the animal, the needs can vary widely. Indeed, some animals can more or less withstand heat, stress … Care must therefore be taken to respect these needs and not to endanger the health of the animal during the journey, whether during transport, activities … It is therefore essential to be even more attentive to your animal during these times. And of course, it’s important to enjoy! These are moments that will bring you closer, unforgettable, and which will allow you to show attention to your animal, so enjoy it with him!




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