What is the program “Better Cities For Pet”?

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The program

Better Cities For Pet is a program initiated by the company Mars (which owns an incredible number of brands such as Pedigree and Sheba), it aims to improve and help cities to make them pet-friendly in the United States. In their view, this program is important for many reasons. Among other things, this would have a positive impact on owners, and they are sensitive to “pet friendly” measures, such as that animals are accepted at work, in bars, restaurants, and the infrastructure present in their Environment.

How does a city become Better Cities For Pet?

The programme focuses on 12 different areas aimed at improving the lives of animals:

  • Partners work together to end pet homelessness
  • Community cat programs humanely tackle overcrowding
  • Shelters are warm and welcoming to encourage adoption
  • There are accommodation options that accept animals for all families and pets
  • In difficult times, support exists to help keep pets in homes
  • Pet equipment is available in homes and neighbourhoods
  • Planning for the city, parks and green spaces includes the needs of animals.
  • Public pet facilities promote good health for all
  • People know the expectations of pets in public places
  • Businesses make it easier to go out with your pet
  • Travelling with dogs and cats is accessible and affordable
  • Workplaces know and support the benefits of pets at work

What are the Best Cities For Pet certified cities currently in the United States?

Here is a map showing the 31 cities certified in 2019 by the program. All that’s left is to book a plane ticket!

Source: Better Cities For Pet


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