Beauval Park Zoo

Beauval Park Zoo

The Beauval Park Zoo has been around for 40 years now. With more than 600 species, and new features such as the equatorial dome, it allows a complete immersion in nature.

Which animals are accepted by the establishment?

Dogs are the only animals accepted by the establishment, in case of no possibility of custody.

What services are nearby?

A dog board can accommodate animals near the park. (617 Rue de la Gitonnière, 41110, Saint Aignan sur Cher).

What are the conditions for acceptance?

  • Dogs are not allowed in these spaces:
    • the four tropical greenhouses (koalas, manatees, great apes, vivarium, birds…)
    • Chinese zone (pandas, red pandas…)
    • the area of wolves and brown bears
    • the aviary of hippos
    • the equatorial dome
    • gondolas
  • An adult must keep the dog on a leash
  • If the animal disturbs the animals or barks, it may be asked not to continue the visit in his company.


Avenue du Blanc, 41110 St Aignan, FRANCE
02 54 75 50 00