Domaine les Bois-Francs

Domaine les Bois-Francs
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Domaine Les Bois-Francs offers accommodations ranging from 2 to 12 people. It offers many meal delivery services, supermarkets, restaurants but also full of activities.

Located in the middle of Normandy, the hotel offers many activities, such as golf, quad biking, sauna… There’s something for everyone.

The property is not far from Paris, which makes it easily accessible by plane, train, or any other transport.
Which animals are accepted by this accommodation ?
Pets are accepted by Domaine Les Bois-Francs. They are accepted as a maximum of two animals per dwelling.
What is the rate for animals ?
Animals are accepted for a rate of 16.50 euros per weekend and mid-week or 24.50 euros per week. Caged animals do not pay extra.
What are the establishment's attentions towards the animal?
The property is equipped with dog toilets and walking areas.
What are the acceptance conditions for animals?
  • The animal must not have parasite.
  • Animals must be kept on a leash in common areas.
  • Dogs do not have access to the Dome.
  • Dogs can’t swim in the lake.
  • Some common areas are forbidden to animals.
  • The animal should not disturb other visitors.
How to book the arrival of an animal?
The booking of the arrival of an animal is made at the reservation, as some accommodations may not be available.
Les Barils, 27130 Verneuil-sur-Avre, FRANCE
+33 232 60 52 00