A Perfect Carrier For Cats and Dogs

Sac de Transport

Taking your pet on vacation is a great experience, but it can sometimes get complicated! So our team has designed the perfect carrier bag for all your cats, dogs and small animals! After studying the trip with our little companions, once you have all the information on the formalities, and learned all about the basics of traveling with your animals, it’s time to get practical!

Multiple Accessories

First of all, the bag includes several accessories:

  • First of all, a foldable bowl to be able to give food or drink to your pet everywhere!
  • Then, a safety leash, for a trip in complete peace of mind.
  • Finally, a name tag, to leave serenely!


Then the bag is perfectly suited for small animals:

  • The bag is spacious, it measures 45x31x33cm, so the animal can be comfortable and move around in peace.
  • It is also foldable very easily. Its folded size is 45x31x9cm, so you can store it very easily!

Multiple use

You also wear it in many ways:

  • The bag can be worn as a backpack.
  • The bag can be carried as a handbag.
  • The bag can be put on a suitcase.

An adaptable carrying bag

The pillow is perfectly suited for your pet:

  • The cushion has 2 different faces, so you can use it in summer in winter, and your pet will always be comfortable.
  • The pad attaches to the bag with two zippers. Thanks to this, even if your animal moves during transport, the cushion will not move!
  • The cushions are removable and machine washable at 30°C.
  • Finally, the bag comes with two cushions. So you can interchange it as you wish. It’s really handy if your pet has an accident and urinates during the trip.

This transport bag is therefore perfect for your little companions, cats or dogs! The bag is sold directly on Amazon (link below)



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