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Are animals allowed on Thello trains?

Pets are accepted on board the Company Thello.


  • Tickets can be booked on the Omio website


  • France
  • Italy

The fare

Animals under 5 kilos are transported free of charge and without reservation. Considered a piece of luggage, this bag, basket or cage starts the baggage allowance. 

Large dogs (5 to 50kg) are subject to a supplement that varies depending on the route, the price is available on the company’s website. This surcharge is paid on board by credit card or cash.

Terms and conditions

Each passenger can carry up to 1 animal.

The rules to follow

  • Animals must be transported in a container: bag, basket or cage.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash and muzzled or in a container.
  • If the animal with which the passenger is travelling is a large dog, he must inform the company via their contact form.
  • The company reserves the right to move the passenger to another part of the train if the presence of the animal inconveniences another passenger.
  • The animal is under the full responsibility of the passenger, it ensures the care, the supervision, the commitment that the animal does not disturb the passengers. In case of damage caused by the animal, the passenger will have to compensate.
  • The animal should not be left alone



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