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Moby Lines is an Italian ferry company.

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Animals are accepted by the company Moby Lines.

Reservation (animal):

The passenger must book in advance. To reserve a cabin with an animal, the passenger must choose a cabin with an indication of this.



  • France


  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Italy

  • Russia
  • Sweden

Health conditions

  • Basic vaccination (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus) carried out.
  • Rabies vaccination (for certain destinations) carried out.
  • Deworming against intestinal parasitosis performed.
  • Antiparasitic treatments against fleas and ticks carried out.
  • The animal must see the veterinarian before the trip.
  • The owner must also inform himself about the regulations of the European Community.
  • Admission to French territory from an EU country:
    • Identification
    • Valid rabies vaccination
    • Passport corresponding to the European model, issued by a veterinarian
    • Animals under 3 months of age not vaccinated: general authorization from the Member State of destination is compulsory

Animals aboard Moby Lines

Terms and conditions

  • Number of animals per cabin: 3
  • The owner must have a leash, a harness, and a muzzle.
  • The animal must always carry the owner’s telephone number with him. It is also possible to have a photo for an easier search if the passenger loses the animal.
  • The animal must wear a collar or harness.
  • Animals are allowed on the ship’s external decks
  • Pets cannot access bars and restaurants.
  • Cabins with double or quadruple linoleum floors and with or without window specially designed for passengers with pets are available. These cabins are fitted with an odorless disinfectant mat. They are the only ones where animals are allowed.
1st category dogsDogs of the 2nd category: (enter France)
– Present to customs the birth certificate, pedigree
-Present liability insurance for his dog
-Permit of detention: document issued following a behavioral examination of the dog and the verification of the owner’s ability to manage it

The trip

Food in a bowl

Food and water

The passenger must take bowls for food and water. He must also provide enough food for the trip.

Leaves orange


The passenger must provide sand to allow the animal to relieve himself.

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