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Corsica Linea is a French ferry company.

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Animals are accepted by the company Corsica Linea.

Reservation (animal):

  • The passenger must select the option corresponding to the reservation, the kennel requests a supplement. He must report the animal to the boarding control.


  • Algeria
  • France
  • Italy
  • Tunisia

Service animals

  • Services available: Guide dog, Service dog
  • Free transportation
  • The animal must accompany its master
  • It is authorized in passenger rooms (cabins).
  • It is authorized in areas where catering services are located.

Health conditions

  • The owner must inform himself of the regulations in force in the countries of departure and arrival.
  • To / from the Magheb: The passenger must inform himself of the steps to be taken: Campaign for the Ministry of Agriculture – station for rabies
  • The passenger has the health card or European passport with up-to-date pest vaccines and treatments (health certificate with up-to-date vaccines) including puppies and kittens.
  • The company advises to consult a veterinarian to confirm the fitness of the animal to travel.

Animals aboard Corsica Linea

Terms and conditions

  • Animals are not accepted in passenger areas.
  • A kennel is available on board ships: Pascal Paoli, Paglia Orba, Monte d’Or, Danielle Casanova, Vizzavona, Mediterranean
  • The kennel is open shortly before arrival at the port, as soon as the garages open.
  • The kennel complies with the health and safety standards in force and is subject to checks by the Veterinary Services. 
  • Animals cannot travel in a vehicle.
1st category dogs

Subject to conditions:
2nd category dogs: They must wear a muzzle and be placed in the kennel.

The trip

Yellow animal container

The kennel

The animal will travel in a secure and ventilated individual box, with a water point. The temperature is regularly monitored, as is the space. Small animals and cats must be in a container. The passenger must have a padlock to secure the container. Container locking devices are available at the information desk. It is not possible to access it during the trip.

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