What to do before departure

Chien dans un carton

You are ready to go on holiday with your favorite companion! But have you thought about preparing everything? Do you think about everything you need to do to go on vacation with your pet? Our to-do list helps you prepare for your holiday! Here we go!

Here’s an essential list:

  • Make the I-CAD I-DT card or if your pet already has one, check to see if the information is up to date
  • Have your pet’s passport made by your veterinarian
  • Create an electronic health book
  • Update the animal’s vaccines
  • Do the pest control treatment
  • Prepare a first aid kit
  • Identify emergency veterinary clinics near your accommodation
  • Preparing the animal’s belongings
  • Write the name of the animal, its owner, a phone number and destination on the collar and cage of the animal.

This list is not exhaustive.



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