Traveling with your dog by car

Chien en voiture

Taking your dog on a trip by choosing the car can be the easiest solution, and the cheapest depending on your destination. Indeed, by using other means of transport, the place of your animal will very rarely be free and strict rules will have to be observed. However, choosing the car for getting around does not mean that the journey should not be prepared in order to be safe.

First of all, traveling with a dog in a car requires preparation so that the transport goes as smoothly as possible. So it starts with regular breaks to allow the animal to stretch its legs! These moments will prevent him from getting impatient, and will allow him to defecate, if necessary. It is of course essential to have an absorbent material to prevent leaks, it is also possible to add a cushion, a blanket which the animal is used to.

During the trip, the windows must remain closed, to prevent the dog from escaping. In addition, leaving the animal in the back of the car is more secure. Indeed, the deployment of the airbags while the animal is in the front of the car can cause injuries.

However, leaving the animal in the back of the car is not enough, indeed, it is of course necessary to allow the animal to be safe inside. This is why three solutions exist. First of all, the transport cage or the transport bag, which are widely used and widespread. However, this may disturb the animal if it has not been used to it. The second solution is to install a separation grid inside the car. Two options are therefore available, either a separation at the level of the trunk, or a separation at the level of the rear seats. Finally the third solution is a safety belt for animals. It is therefore the same system as the seat belt normally used.

During breaks, it is also important not to leave your pet alone in the car. Because even though the interior temperature appears to be moderate, the interior of a car heats up very quickly. In fact, it can reach up to 100 degrees in just a few minutes.

Finally, don’t forget her favorite things! And above all, water and food, so that it does not run out during the trip.

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