International Cat Day: 5 things to know before adopting


On this Saturday, August 8, we are celebrating International Cat Day! Created in 2002 by the International Fund for the Protection of Animals, it aims to promote the good care and celebration of our felines. It is followed on August 17 by the international day of the black cat, which aims to help and restore the image of these cats often discriminated against because of the superstitions targeting them. However, before adopting one of these funny and very cute little creatures, you better know them well!

A responsability

A cat, or animal in general, is a responsibility, which brings a lot of happiness, but which must be taken into account in future decisions! Indeed, an animal needs you, just like you need them and it is not an option that to abandon its animal if necessary! It will therefore be necessary, for example, to identify it, and take care of it throughout its life (because yes, they live for long years, about fifteen to twenty years). And of course, cover the veterinary costs when necessary.

Vacation organization

Having a cat is also having it during the holidays! While you choose to have it babysat, or take it with you, you must of course think that you will have to organize yourself during its periods! It is therefore possible to have it looked after, for example by a boarding house or a pet-sitter. If you decide to take her on vacation, you will have to organize it accordingly.

The different characters

Cats are like humans, each with their own personality, and this should be taken into account when adopting. Indeed, depending on the breed, or the animal, he may like for example to sleep a lot or on the contrary be very athletic. This is the case for example of the Abyssinians, a breed of cat that tends to be “hyperactive”. So make sure that his character matches yours.

Unconditional love

Cats only bring happiness! They need attention and will give it back to you, so you have to be there for them, and above all open up to bring them the love they need (while leaving them independence)!


A cat must also be educated, in fact, it must be taught different things such as the litter box or the places where it is allowed to scratch. Beyond that, he must also be accustomed to the container, the leash, and the car if the animal is destined to travel in the future.



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