SNCB – Animals on board


SNCB is a Belgian company. Animals are accepted on SNCB trains.


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  • Tickets can be booked on the Omio website


  • Belgium

Service animals

  • Guide and assistance dog
  • Free transport
  • These dogs are not required to wear a muzzle.
  • Passengers must be in possession of a personal accessibility card provided to them by a recognized organization. The map is validated every year.

The fare

Small caged pets are transported free of charge.

Cats and dogs on a leash are transported for a domestic animal supplement of 3 euros per trip. (2nd and 1st class) Passengers can purchase a 10-trip card for their pet. The supplement can be purchased on board, however it will be increased.

General rules

  • Animals should not be seated or tabled.
  • They are not a nuisance to other passengers.
  • The small animals are in a container, the maximum dimensions being 30CM X 55CM X 30CM.
  • Cats and dogs that are not in containers are kept on a leash, a muzzle may be required by the train attendant.
  • The train attendant may deny access to the train to the animal, move the passenger and his pet, evict them if necessary.

Exchange and refund

  • In case of purchase in advance, the ticket is refunded in full (if not used) until the day before the start date of validity, for this you must go to the counter.
  • In case of purchase at the last moment, the ticket is refunded in full (if not used) 30 minutes from the time of purchase, for this you have to go to the automaton or the counter.
  • The ticket is not refundable if the passenger has purchased it via the internet, the SNCB App, on return of a compensation voucher, voucher, or a green cheque.
  • The ticket is not refundable if the passenger has lost it or has it stolen.
  • The ticket does not allow you to be compensated in case of delay.


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