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SBB is a Swiss company. Animals are accepted on board the company SBB CFF FFS in first and second class.


  • Ag:
    • Online shopping: Passengers need a Swisspass or public transport subscription.
    • Order by online form: If the passenger does not have a subscription.
  • Tickets can be booked on the Omio website


  • Switzerland

Service animals

  • Free first- and second-class transport
  • Valid for service dogs:
    • Service dogs
    • Assistance dogs in training
    • Guide dogs for the blind in training
    • Dogs that are part of a breeding school of a Swiss school of guide dogs of the blind
  • Valid for utility dogs (during their interventions):
    • Avalanche dogs
    • Rescue dogs
  • The passenger holds a valid ticket.
  • The passenger holds a legitimation card.
  • The two elements above must be presented to the controller.
  • The animal has an identification medal.
  • Guide dogs are equipped with a harness of the institution that trains them.
  • Dogs are allowed in restaurant cars, bistro cars. They must be recognizable by the instructions above.
  • A list of organizations that issue legitimation cards is available on the company’s website.

The fare

Dogs with a height of up to 30 centimetres are transported free of charge.

Dogs travelling in a container and on a seat are transported for a fare equivalent to 50% of the second class fare.

For regular travellers, it is possible to buy an AG (subscription), which charges CHF 805 annually.

For casual travellers, it is possible to buy a daily dog pass. This 35-franc card allows the animal to travel all day unlimited on railways, boats, postal buses, trams, and buses.

The above titles are valid in first and second class.

General rules

  • Dogs with a height of up to 30 centimetres are in a container.
  • Dogs should not be in a seat.
  • Dogs can be on a seat if they are in a container, and pay the appropriate fare.
  • Animals should not go to catering cars (except cars with a Minibar)

Exchange and refund

  • A refund is possible if the passenger no longer needs the GA. It will be based on the months/days it has not used. The passenger will have to pay a file fee, in addition, 9% of the purchase price will be deducted from the months used.

Other services

  • It is possible to ensure the AG of your animals at SBB
  • It is also possible to replace it in case of loss or damage, for a price of 30 francs.



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