CFL – Animals on board

CFL Logo

CFL is a Luxembourg company. Animals are accepted on CFL trains.


  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands

The fare

Animals are transported free of charge.

General rules

  • Pets accepted: Dogs, other pets
  • Dogs have no size limit.
  • Dogs can be kept on a leash on the floor or in a container. Sometimes a muzzle may be recommended.
  • Dogs should not be in a seat.
  • The other animals must be in a container.
  • The animal should not disturb other passengers. It is not a risk.
  • The passenger remains responsible for the animal and any damage it may cause. It’s up to him to watch him.

Please contact the company if you travel internationally. Indeed, the journeys are done in partnership, so the conditions can vary.



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