Animals and Covid-19

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Are animals contagious?

First of all, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t abandon your pet! To this day, scientists agree that animals do not contaminate humans at Covid-19. In addition, no contamination has been established. Your pets are not likely to contaminate you.

How can you take care of your pet?

Animals may not be contagious, but certain rules must be followed during this confinement to take care of themselves and themselves. First of all, it is important not to disinfect the animal, be it the paws or any other parts of the body, as this is dangerous for them. Exits are allowed with the derogatory certificate to be found on the government website. However it is important to respect social barriers during the walk.

Can we adopt an animal?

In these difficult times, the SPA always takes care of animals in shelters, however, it becomes difficult to receive all this little world. Indeed, the Covid-19 led to a wave of abandonment, and a halt in adoption because of containment, which is why the government was asked to resume adoptions. Today, it is therefore possible to make a “Solidaire” adoption by carrying out the application on their website. It is therefore possible to adopt. In addition, we must not forget all the associations that are not national, which are just as mobilized, and which will be able to answer your questions as to their adoption processes. We must not forget, of course, that an adoption is final, so it must be considered.

What activities do you carry out in confinement with your pet?

Containment can quickly get bored, so here’s a short list of activities to do with your pet:

  • Create obstacle courses
  • Play him with his favorite games: throwing an object, playing with a rope…
  • A candy hunt
  • Make passes by rolling balls between you and your pet
  • Cuddles sessions
  • Teach your pet tricks
  • Create a game based on your personality
  • Make your pet’s toys by using DIY, sewing
  • Create a cardboard house for your pet


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