14 useful apps for your pets!

Iphone applications animaux

Millions of applications, on all subjects, and animals are no exception! That’s why, here’s a top app for your pets, and help you find your way around!

My Companion

My Companion is an application that allows you to create a virtual health book for your pet. The app is also full of resources, such as a list of veterinarians and emergency numbers, and finally tips for your pets.


Woog is a dog walking app. The app offers various walks and features, such as offering geolocation routes, with important information about this ride, or sharing with other members.

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Rover is a pet-sitting application, it allows you to find a pet-sitter, for different situations. Indeed, whether for an afternoon at home, or for a week at the pet-sitter, the application makes it easy to organize a care of your pet.


Gudog is also a pet-sitting application, however this one specializes in dog care. The app offers three different formulas; day care, walk and finally, accommodation.


Pawshake is also an animal care app, however it holds more childcare options. In all, 5 different options are available, either at your home or at the caretaker’s. In addition, it is possible to arrange a meeting with the latter beforehand.

Pet Diabetes Tracker

Pet Diabetes Tracker is an app that tracks your pet’s diabetes. With lots of different functions, such as insulin alerts, setting up protocols, this makes it easy to manage your pet’s diabetes.


11Pets is an application that allows you to track down all the care you carry out to your pet. Indeed, this application not only allows to create a health book, but also it allows to create calendars for claw cuts, grooming, cleaning of the ears … It’s really a whole in one!


APCC is an application that lets you know what toxic substances are for our animals. It filters according to different animals and contains more than 300 substances.

SOS Pets

SOS Pets is an app that allows you to search for a taxi, or a veterinarian by geolocation at any time! It can respond to your pet’s medical emergencies, in addition, the application also offers a directory of other professionals for your pets, such as groomers, or pensions.

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Pet First Aid – American Red Cross

Pet First Aid is an app that lets you know first aid actions based on your pet’s emergency. It offers quizzes, instructions, but also the location of emergency veterinarians nearby among others.

Pet Recognition

Pet Recognition is an app that creates alerts for lost animals that uses facial recognition. The search for the animal is possible thanks to the community and dedicated assistance.


PetCoach is an app that allows you to ask questions of veterinarians 24 hours a day. It is possible to ask questions on various topics, such as health, nutrition, training.


BarkHappy is an application that allows you to geo-locate dog-friendly places around you. The app also allows you to get offers, and create alerts for lost dogs.

30 Million Friends

30 Million Friends is an app that allows you to adopt a new companion! The app also allows us to defend our small animals, for example, by reporting endangered animals.



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