World Dog Day: 5 commandments for a happy dog!

Chien qui sourit

On this Wednesday August 26th, we are celebrating World Dog Day! Created several years ago, it is held every August 26 to celebrate the unique relationship between men and their best friends : the dogs. This day is also an opportunity to fight for the improvement of the treatment of our little pets. But what are the 5 commandments to follow to make your dog happy? We explain everything to you!

Appropriate food

Each animal has its own needs. Indeed, depending on his breed, his illnesses, his weight, his size or his age for example, the food which he will need can vary. For example, it can be recommended a food for sterilized dogs. In addition, the quantity can also vary. This is why it is recommended to take advice from your veterinarian. And of course, a little treat from time to time will always make them happy!

Regular outings

Having a dog also means going out! Indeed, as much to relieve oneself as to exert himself, it will be essential for him to go out several times a day! This is therefore to be planned in your schedule if you do not have a garden that allows it all! And of course even having a garden, your dog will still enjoy going for a walk with you!

Don’t forget games

A dog needs to play with you. In fact, fully part of education, it allows the animal to spend, to exercise, to master. The game will allow you to create relation with your animal by having a good time with him. It is therefore important to stimulate your animal with multiple games throughout its life!

Always give unconditional love

Dogs only bring happiness! They need attention and will give it back to you, so you have to be there for them, and above all open up to bring them the love they need!

Education not to be overlooked

A dog must also be educated, indeed, he must be taught different things such as objects that he cannot chew on or the basics of cleanliness. Beyond that, he must also be used to the container, the leash, and the car if the animal will travel in the future. Indeed, it will be useless to get upset about this one, if he does stupid things when he has never learned that this was one during his education!



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