World Day Against Abandonment

Chien dans l'herbe

When summer has finally arrived, it is not always synonymous with happiness for our animals. In fact, June 27, 2020 is World Day against Abandonment, and it is no coincidence that this date was chosen. Each year, a wave of abandonment is noted during the summer, notably due to departures on vacation. June 27, marking the weekend preceding the big departures, and therefore, a symbolic date for this scourge.

For the second edition of World Abandonment Day, the sponsors are therefore Karine Ferri and Christophe Beaugrand, both leaders and committed to our animal friends.


It is possible to react, and fight against abandonment in various ways.

First of all, inform and raise awareness, whether it is close people, or more generally. Raising awareness of abandonment is one way to combat this, and a first step!

Then, by becoming a volunteer in a shelter, by contacting you at a shelter near you, or by searching through advertisements posted by the shelters themselves on the Animal Solidarity site. The announcements are various, since they can relate to the search for volunteer, donation, or money. Be aware that if you cannot find a matching offer, it is also possible to post your own ad to shelters as a business or volunteer.

The initiatives

On the occasion of this second world day against abandonment, Animal Solidarity launched the initiative of the owner responsible charter. This charter, which each owner can sign, whether he decides to adopt a cat, a dog, an exotic pet, or any other animal, allows him to commit to being a responsible owner. It consists of 15 commitments such as identifying him, looking after his health, or taking him on vacation.


Click here to sign the charter of the responsible owner.

We had already spoken about it, however, another initiative against abandonment is that of the SPA, which every year launches a campaign against abandonment. They therefore produced a touching video, which demonstrates the unfortunate reality of this act, to raise awareness of this problem:



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