Traveling with your rodent by car


Taking your rodent on a journey by choosing the car can be the simplest solution, and the least expensive depending on your destination. Indeed, by choosing another means of transport, the place of your animal will very rarely be free and strict rules will have to be respected. However, choosing the car to travel does not mean that the trip does not have to be prepared in order to be able to proceed safely.

First of all, traveling with a rodent by car requires preparation for transportation to go smoothly. So it starts with the planning of the route. Rodents are particularly sensitive to stress, which is why we have to adapt in order to reassure them. First of all, a few days before departure, it is good to get the animal used to its transport cage, giving it access to it. In addition, to reduce stress, it is possible during the trip, it is possible to place a fairly light cloth on the cage to make the environment darker.

During the journey, the windows must remain closed, to prevent the animal from catching cold. In addition, it is recommended not to turn on the air conditioning for the same reason. Finally, leaving the animal in the back of the car is more secure. In fact, the deployment of airbags while the animal is in the front of the car can cause injury.

However leaving the animal in the back of the car is not enough, indeed, it must of course allow the animal to be safe inside. This is why, the animal must be transported in a transport cage. This cage will allow him to be comfortable by placing a small towel at the bottom.

During breaks, it is also important not to leave your pet alone in the car. Because even if the interior temperature seems moderate, the interior of a car heats up very quickly. In reality, it can reach up to 100 degrees in just a few minutes.

Finally, don’t forget his favorite things! And above all, water and food, so as not to miss it during the trip.



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