Traveling to Norway with a bird

Maisons en Norvège

What animals are allowed?

It is possible to travel to Norway with a bird. Indeed, the birds are authorized within the framework of a non-commercial trip under certain conditions which we will explore. Please note, however, certain species, such as quail, ducks, turkeys, pheasants, geese, partridges, pigeons, guinea fowl, chickens and ratites are not considered as pets and therefore cannot be transported as part of a trip. non-commercial.

What documents are required?

Here are the documents necessary to travel to Norway with your bird:

  • Birds must have an identification document completed by a veterinarian in the country of departure. It remains valid for 10 days, except in the case of transport by sea, or its validity will last the time of the sea voyage.
  • Certain species under CITES protection are subject to export and import certificates.
  • A health certificate, the veterinarian must certify that there is no sign of illness *
  • A declaration from the owner or an authorized person, attesting that the transport is not for commercial purposes.
  • If the animal is not traveling with the owner, the person traveling with the animal must have written authorization to travel with him.

* This does not apply to (non-commercial) movements of birds from the European Economic Area that do not belong to the Psittacidae family.

What are the entry requirements?

Traveling to Norway with a bird requires fulfilling a few conditions:

  • The movement of the animal must be carried out because the owner has to go to Norway.
  • The displacement must take place maximum five days before or after the arrival of the owner.
  • Transportation must be with the owner, or with another person with the owner’s written permission to travel with animals on behalf of the owner.

From the European Union *

  • It is not necessary to contact the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.
  • The person accompanying the animal must be prepared for an inspection, and show the necessary documents.
  • It is possible to enter via all border crossings.

* And Andorra, Switzerland, Gibraltar, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino the Vatican City.

From a third country

  • Entrance is permitted via Oslo Airport, and Storskog.
  • Entrance from Svalbard is also permitted via Tromsø Airport, the port of Tromsø, and the port of Bodø.
  • The Norwegian Food Safety Authority must be notified at least 48 hours before arrival.
  • It is necessary to contact the Norwegian Food Safety Authority at the point of entry.
  • The animals must be presented, in addition to the necessary documentation.

The trip with more than 3 animals

If traveling with more than 3 animals in a non-commercial setting, they must meet the conditions of commercial transport.


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