Disneyland Paris®

Disneyland Paris®

Disneyland Paris® is an amusement park located in Coupvray. The establishment offers the diversity of two different parks, to discover even more attractions. Perfect for family, it also allows you to meet Disney characters, and attend multiple shows.

Which animals are accepted by the establishment?

Guide dogs for the visually impaired and people with reduced mobility are the only animals accepted at Disneyland Paris. However, a petsitting solution exists. The animal must have up-to-date documents, such as documents demonstrating that it is a service animal, or vaccination documents.

What services are nearby?

The Animals Reception accepts cats and dogs, with the exception of 1st category and 2nd category. There is a charge for this service, including food. It is recommended to book in advance, since the capacity is limited.

What are the conditions of acceptance?

In the park

  • The animal must remain under the control of the visitor at all times thanks to a leash or harness
  • Dogs may not be accepted at all attractions, map of dog-friendly locations available here

Animals Reception

  • Animals are not walked
  • The animal must be microchipped
  • Animal must be vaccinated against rabies (more than a month and less than a year ago)
  • Animals visibly having a potentially contagious disease can be refused
  • Animals with aggressive behavior can be refused
  • The owner will be contacted if the animal needs urgent care. The service can mandate a veterinarian and pass on the costs to the owner if it is not possible to reach him.
  • The owner must hold a certificate issued by an official veterinarian and translated into French


Boulevard du Parc, 77700 Coupvray, FRANCE