Where to find a pet-friendly beach in France?

Phoque sur une plage

Summer is here, and you’ve decided to go on holiday in the sun with your little companion! After hours of driving, finally arrived at your destination, a walk on the beach will do you all good, be it you, or your favorite little animal. But be aware that not all beaches are pet-friendly and therefore do not accept animals! So rather than getting stuck at the entrance, it’s better to plan!

Currently two sites refer to pet-friendly beaches. First, on the site Animals on the beach, then on the site of 30 Million Friends.

However, when going to the beach, you still have to be careful for your pet. Indeed, as for us, it is always safer to avoid the hottest times of the day. In addition, it is good to bring water so that he or she can hydrate. Finally of course, do not leave him alone, and you can also ask your vet for advice for information regarding this outing with your pet.

And above all, think about having fun! Bring him his favorite toy, and enjoy this moment of complicity.



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