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Corsica Ferries is a Franco-Italian company.


Animals are accepted by the company Corsica Ferries.

Booking (animal) :

  • Internet: To be declared during the reservation
  • Horses: By call: 0.825.095.095 (0.18 € / min): transported in a vans, a declaration at the boarding office must be made, and a veterinary inspection may be possible.


  •  Spain
  •  France
  •  Italy

Service animals

  • Service available: Guide dog
  • Free transportation in the cabin
  • To mention when booking
  • Any damage that may be caused is the responsibility of the passenger.
  • The animal must be attached.

Health conditions

  • Minimum age: 15 weeks
  • Up-to-date rabies vaccine
  • The passenger has the animal’s health record and passport with up-to-date vaccines.
  • The animal is identified via a chip or a legible tattoo made before 07/03/2011.
  • The animal has no bad smell, or violent behavior.
  • The animal may be refused in the event of a particular characteristic concerning its state of health or hygiene which could annoy passengers.

Animals aboard Corsica Ferries

General terms and Conditions

  • Animals accepted: Dogs, Cats, Small animals, Horses…
  • If the animal needs it, the passenger must clean.
  • An animal hygiene area is available on certain ferries.
  • Cabins are specially equipped for the arrival with animals. (linoleum floor, cleaning is the subject of specific attention)

The trip


 Food and water

Containers must have a lid.


The container

The animals are caged near their owner. Dogs are on a leash and muzzled with their owner in the common areas. Animals cannot stay in the vehicle or alone in a cabin.

 The rate


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