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Anek Lines is a Greek ferry company.

Ferry Ticket

Pets are accepted by Anek Lines.

Reservation (animal):

The passenger must inform the arrival of the animal when booking.


  • Greece

  • Italy

Health conditions

  • The owner keeps the animal’s up-to-date health record
  • The owner remains responsible for the animal, its safety, hygiene, etc.
  • The owner is responsible for any damage caused by the animal.
  • The owner has the valid health document.
  • The owner holds the animal passport. (European)
  • Dogs, cats, and ferrets must have a document demonstrating their rabies vaccination.

Animals aboard Anek Lines

Terms and conditions

  • Special cabins are available on the roads of Crete and the Adriatic Sea, animals cannot access other cabins.
  • A special area for daily animal hygiene is available on all ships.
  • Pets are allowed in special areas on decks.
  • Animals are not allowed in cabins, bars, restaurants and all interior areas of the ship.
  • Animals must always be on a leash and accompanied. When moving, they must wear a muzzle.

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